dearMoon - ITALY - Cristel Isabel Marcon

* Hi! I’m Cristel Isabel Marcon, an Italian 30 years old single lady. I’m an artist, an influencer, a tv personality, and a marketing manager in the luxury world. Dear Moon, who I am? I can be a boss & art lady, but also a Barbie astronaut. So as an independent woman and astrofan I want to inspire women’s all over the world, sharing my experience, and became an icon as Barbie astronaut is! The biggest dream of my life is to inspire all the girls of the world to become who the want (like Barbie said) through my passion, painting. As you can see I paint contemporary art, similar to Basquiat, adding recycled materials that I find on the earth, maybe I will can use the moon's sand in the future? For now, I travel with my imagination, my head is a space with unlimited galaxies and I put them on canvas. I love my earth, but while I can’t find love on the earth, maybe I will find love in the space? I’m ready for this new adventure together and to spread the love with all my heart enjoying the crew. Thank you for watching! *
Thank you @SpaceX​ & @YusakuMaezawaTV -​​ *
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